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We teach entrepreneurs how to create a fully automated
system for generating new leads with a unique twist.

In this system, clients will not only qualify themselves
but will also pay you BEFORE you make a sales pitch.





Stop wasting your time with tire-kickers.

Get the exact leads that you dream of, and qualify them on auto-pilot, before spending a single minute on phone, or email, or even chat.

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With over a 100 million leads generated since we started, we can take great care of your business. In fact, chances are, we will know your customers better than you. Try us >


Keep your users hooked on with our automated newsletter system (and make money too). Don’t be the person that only "sells" all the time. Talk to them, we make it super-easy . Get A Quick demo here >


Websites are out, sales funnels are in. The myth of 20 years is debunked. Your website cannot do 1/10th of what a sales funnel can. Don’t believe us? Ask for a free consult here >

Marketing Intelligence Show

The only show for Direct Response Marketing that covers Social, Video, Email & SMS Text 

Marketing Intelligence Show is a weekly \\short-form-for-now\\ broadcast that brings powerful (yet, quick and easy) marketing strategies for you to get immediate results from your own marketing efforts, within days. 

We take a deep dive on the tricks being used by smartest minds in the marketing world, to grow their own business by lead generation, sales funnels and intelligent, behavior-based engagement strategies.

We HELP you build your own marketing experiments in our marketing consultancy lab and drive cold traffic via Email, SMS Text, ChatBots for conversion optimization and better ROI

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We are big on behavior based marketing and automation

Zupees is our in-house engagement automation platform

Connected with every major ESP, and a few selected text message services, we bring users, and revenue, to your sales pages every day.

  • Halo Effect
  • Availability Heuristic
  • Impact of Priming
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Cognitive Load
  • Social Proof

The science of heuristics and biases is not new.

Marketers have used such tactics for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The latest research, however, suggests that there is more to human behavior than the Maslov’s hierarchy of needs.

They call it “Heuristics & Biases”

We study the heuristics closely.
They tell a story like no other parameter.
And we exploit this knowledge.
To the advantage of our clients.

Behavior Has Patterns; But It Is Resistant To Change

Yet, you can use it to your advantage.
You may even be able to change it over time, but you cannot bring that change overnight.

Our insights from nearly 1 billion messages makes us the good at what we do.

We analyze user behavior patterns, identify opportunities of engagement, and exploit them to the fullest extent possible. This is the real science of marketing. And we help you gain an advantage with our knowledge and the tools of this science.

Our Audience

Largely untapped on mainstream US financial news websites and blogs, our audience consists of independent decision makers who manage their portfolios without professional help, make multiple trades each week, and read independent financial commentary on a variety of subjects including geopolitics, contrarian viewpoints and emerging trends in investing.


Buy & Hold Investors,
Active Day Traders &
Growth Opportunity Seekers

Chart Patterns & Momentum Traders - Stocks, Options, Forex & Futures


Household Income



Young Working Professionals, Early Investors - Growth Seeking


Household Income


$5K - $25K

Serious Investors, Active Self-Directed Portfolio Management


Household Income


$25,000 +

Retirement & Dividend Seeking Investors, Includes Seniors


Household Income



Young Risk Prone Portfolio, Millenial Small Ticket Investors


Household Income
$20K - $50k


$0 - $10K

206 Index

Heavy Stock
Trading Volume
Each Month

301 Index

Check Online
Stock Quotes Multiple
Times Each Day

479 Index

75+ Online
Transactions In The
Previous Month

190 Index

Household Income
Over $150,000 In
Two Income Homes

We represent an largely independent decision making audience, that frequently reads these blogs:

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FinCon19 Washington DC

Leadscon Las Vegas
March 30 - April 1, 2020

Cannabis Capital Conference

The London Investor Show

Traders Expo Chicago

Connect To Convert Boston

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