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The success of a business depends as much on relationships it develops, as on it’s products and services. Success of a campaign isn’t measured only on KPI goals, but also on the process efficiencies of management.

At Silicon Biztech, we leverage our experience of nearly two decades in building campaign management systems. As digital campaign experts, we manage the entire campaign operations process and let you focus on what you do best – Build Strategy.

We operate a full service ad-operations management & campaign execution center of excellence in India. Our team comprises of experts on Co-Registration, Marketing Automation tools such as Market, Ad-servers such as DFP, Atlas & Exchange framework including Ad-X, OpenX etc.

In addition to our full suite of services, we also license our proprietary tech-stack of advertising management software platform, built entirely in-house, and currently running hundreds of million ad impressions each month with several million leads/email transactions.


Digital Advertising is complex. It literally “takes a village” to execute a successful digital campaign. We believe that underlying technology shouldn’t be one of the challenges while running digital advertising campaigns.

Our proprietary platform, re-built from ground-up helps you connect advertisers, publishers, networks and third party ad-exchanges, all in an intuitive easy to use interface and helps you manage your campaigns efficiently.

You can run co-registration, lead-gen, email marketing & even display advertising campaigns with a unified reporting dashboard and inbuilt optimization algorithms.

Some standard features include targeting, re-targeting, social media placements, revenue optimization, etc.

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